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Quality Improvement

Data curation for tumor registries


Oncology data exists in unstructured and disparate formats, reducing its usability. The current gold standard is for expert staff to manually process and curate this data, a tedious and error-prone task. 


Harmony is our EHR data curation tool, powered by OncoLLM. Deep training on use case-specific oncology data enables Harmony to accurately assist with key workflows, freeing up clinically-trained staff for higher-value tasks.
Curate data for precision oncology initiatives


EDC Data Curations


Curate data for tumor registries


1. Curate data for tumor registries

While cancer registries provide a valuable public service, transferring mixed qualitative and quantitative EHR data into registry software is labor-intensive, prone to error, and demands clinical expertise. Harmony helps with this process, improving data accuracy and timeliness, saving costs and reducing burnout.

  • Automated curation of 50+ NAACCR variables.

  • Registrars reduce abstraction time by an estimated 80%.

  • Automated identification of reportable cancers with 60% reduction in effort.

  • Implementation of NAACCR standards, dictionary, custom data collection forms and CoC reporting requirements.

Data curation for tumor registries
Business Intelligence and Advanced Reporting and Analytics
2. Business Intelligence

Many times, cancer center administrators, clinicians, and staff have questions that could help with growing existing revenue and strategic service lines. These questions might include:

  • Can we identify the number of patients with metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) expressing PD-L1 who have undergone two or three lines of therapy in the past year?

  • Utilizing the following ten established criteria, which of our current patients are considered at low risk for thyroid cancer?

Harmony provides these answers and detailed analytics within weeks, saving months and significantly reducing costs compared to assigning a team of data abstractors who would manually review charts for months.

3. Value-Based Care and Precision Oncology

Cancer care providers invest significant resources in manually curating comprehensive clinical and genomic datasets for their precision oncology programs and informing decision-making in value-based care. Harmony automates this curation process and assists in matching each patient to the appropriate clinical pathways.

  • Supports numerous clinical pathways and value assessments

  • Supports curation of any custom or on-demand data elements

  • Can work with any dataset, such as OMOP, i2b2 and others

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