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Webinar: GenAI for Improving Care and Research

On Tuesday Feb. 27, AMIA and Triomics hosted the webinar "Generative AI for Improving Care and Research".

📽 You can view a recording at this link.

👨 Panelists:

UCSD CRIO Mike Hogarth

CI4CC CEO, ex-CIO at City of Hope Dr. Sorena Nadaf

UC Davis CIO Dr. Ashish Atreja

Triomics CEO Sarim Khan

🗒 Synopsis: The potential of #genAI is boundless and so too is the need for safe, proven healthcare technology. But how exactly should these two worlds combine? The panel will discuss current shortcomings in healthcare technology, how generative AI and LLMs can (and can't) help, and a systemic approach to assessing, validating, and implementing generative AI into clinical workflows.


Image by National Cancer Institute

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