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Webinar: GenAI for Oncology Care and Research Use Cases

On Apr. 30, Triomics hosted the AMIA webinar "Generative AI for Oncology Care and Research Use Cases".

📽 You can view a recording at this link.

👨 Panelists:

Hongfang Liu, PhD, Prof. McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics and VP of Learning Health System, UTHealth Houston

Yanshan Wang, PhD, FAMIA, Ass't. Prof. of Health Informatics, Vice Chair of Research, Univ. of Pittsburgh

May Terry, MS, Principal, Health Informatics, MITRE

Hrituraj Singh, Triomics Co-Founder and CTO

🗒 Synopsis:

The intersection of Generative AI and oncology presents an exciting frontier for transformative advances in both patient care and cancer research. This webinar aims to explore the nuanced applications and emerging opportunities of generative AI within oncology.

Experts will delve into how these technologies can be integrated into precision medicine, clinical trials, data analytics and quality measurements. Participants will gain insights into the challenges and ethical considerations of deploying AI in sensitive healthcare domains.


Image by National Cancer Institute

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